Begging the Question

Whiteness permeates the body politic in intercourse and interstice, its invisible skin damp with guilty sweat from every pore.  Whiteness circulates back through every vein artery delivered, heart pumped as ordered by the brain.  Healing or bleeding?  Stealing or feeding?  A flurry to fix or fury from neglect?  Cursory, hurried, pounded out and picked at half-finished and half felt.  Just a single breath length of time to figure it out. différence|différance. Once delayed always denied.  Yet maybe from the majority of color. Forgiveness?  Asked for by whom?  Those who begged the question and caused the problem?  “I do not know.  Am I my brother’s keeper?”

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  1. Go back to school.Your sentences are nonsense.

  2. Thanks for this. God bless

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